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Air Force Airmen in Charge of Nuclear Weapons were Tripping on LSD

Posted May 24, 2018 under Politics

U.S. Air Force

Airmen in Charge of Nuclear Weapons …

Trippin’ on LSD

5/24/2018 6:50 AM PDT

Now this will scare the crap out of you … a group of Air Force airmen responsible for guarding nuclear weapons were heavy into LSD and cocaine.

The jaw-dropping revelations just surfaced … and not because the government wanted it known. Turns out one of the airmen screwed up and posted a big enough hint on social media to raise eyebrows, and through a series of Freedom of Information Act demands, the Associated Press got the story.

The service members were part of the 90th Missile Wing, responsible for one third of the 400 Minutemen 3 missiles tucked away in silos across the northern Great Plains.

The LSD use was especially problematic, because it’s an hallucinogen that can permanently mess up the brain. As the Air Force noted in a dozen court marshals during the scandal — which went down in 2015 and 2016 — LSD has “profound effects” from even a tiny amount, causing “paranoia, fear and panic, unwanted and overwhelming feelings, unwanted life-changing spiritual experiences, and flashbacks.”

One of the airmen who was tripping said during a bad acid trip, “I’m dying! … When is this going to end?” Another talked about how much he enjoyed the drug, saying, “Minutes felt like hours, colors seemed more vibrant and clear.”

It wasn’t just a random guy dropping acid. This was a full-blown drug ring.

Disciplinary action was taken against 14 airmen. Two accused airmen were acquitted and 3 others were not charged. Others served time in jail.

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