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Ex-NBA Commish David Stern Says Roger Goodell’s Doing A ‘Great Job’

Posted May 25, 2018 under Politics

Ex-NBA Commish David Stern

Roger Goodell’s Doing A ‘Great Job’

… w/ Nat’l Anthem Protests

5/25/2018 12:15 AM PDT


Roger Goodell is doing a helluva job as NFL commish … and that’s coming from a guy who ran the NBA for 30 years, David Stern.

TMZ Sports saw Stern in NYC … and with the debate over the NFL’s new rule on the National Anthem protest raging … we asked the former commish how he’d handle the controversy.

Stern didn’t exactly answer the question … but he did offer a ringing endorsement to the NFL’s head honcho.

“I think that commisioner Goodell is doing a great job in difficult circumstances.”

He went on to say … “I think every league needs rules to cover every situation. I don’t know what rule I would implement, but there should be a rule that treats everyone fairly, and uniformly.”

FYI — the new regulation has been polarizing. Prez Trump and VP Pence applauded the league … while others have been super critical of Goodell and the NFL.

We also talked to Stern about LeBron and the NBA playoffs.

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