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Jemele Hill Says Jamie Foxx ‘Unnecessarily’ Made ESPN Host Look Bad

Posted February 19, 2018 under Sports

ESPN’s Jemele Hill

Jamie Foxx’s Fit Over Katie Holmes

… Bizarre, Unnecessary

2/19/2018 6:27 AM PST


ESPN star Jemele Hill says the way Jamie Foxx shut down a live “SportsCenter” interview over a Katie Holmes question was bizarre … since EVERYBODY knows they’re dating! 

Hill’s good friend and former “The Six” co-host Michael Smith was the one asking the Katie Holmes question Friday when Foxx stopped the interview and walked off

Hill says she and Smith both respect Foxx a lot — but in this particular instance, “I thought he unnecessarily made Mike look bad.”

“I thought it was kind of bizarre why he acted that way … like I thought [Jamie’s relationship with Katie] was pretty public and that everybody knew, but apparently everybody doesn’t know.”

Hill has a point — Jamie and Holmes were sitting together last month at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party — a VERY high profile event. So, it’s not like people don’t know. 

Hill says the question was not supposed to be hard-hitting journalism — just a jokey, fun question in a lighthearted interview about the NBA All-Star game.  

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