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Lamar Odom Tells Johnny Manziel the Key to Sobriety

Posted February 19, 2018 under Sports


Lamar Odom‘s battle with drugs, alcohol and depression almost cost him everything — so he’s telling Johnny Manziel the #1 thing he’s gotta do to avoid the same traps.

“Put higher power first,” Odom told TMZ Sports, “Whoever his God may be.”

Lamar, of course, was in a coma for days after OD’ing at a brothel in Nevada … but he continues to party hard despite his brush with death.

Johnny, meanwhile, says he’s got his life back on track … after years of hitting the bottle while he struggled with bipolar disorder.

Lamar doesn’t want him to go through that pain again — telling us he’s a big-time Johnny Football fan … and that he truly believes JM can make an NFL comeback.

But Odom says work’s gotta be put in off the field, too … with a focus on faith.

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