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Pamela Anderson Slams Ride-Hail Apps With New Batman-Inspired PSA

Posted May 15, 2018 under TV

Pamela Anderson

Rails on Rideshare Companies Again …

w/ Batman-Inspired Ad!!!

5/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Pamela Anderson channeled her inner Bruce Wayne to slam rideshare companies … no joke, or Joker for that matter.

Pamela stars in the new PSA — obtained in advance by TMZ — dubbed “The Closer” … which calls into question the hiring practices and alleged misleading hiring tactics deployed by ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft to lure drivers.

The ad — produced by Ride Responsibly — starts with a potential ride-hail driver walking into a futuristic underground garage … the same one used in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Pamela later appears and makes her “questionable” pitch.

Ride Responsibly claims ride-hail apps endanger passengers when it “continues to violate their drivers, failing to provide a living wage and offering no benefits.” What’s more … RR slams ride-hail apps for providing “working conditions [that] more closely resemble indentured servants.”

Anderson tells us, “Ride-hail app services not only endanger passengers, they continue to violate their drivers as well, failing to provide a living wage and offering no benefits that are standard for most employees in any other industry.”

She continues, “I’ve spoken to transportation and employment experts in the course of my research, and these companies are very clearly (and knowingly) in the wrong. The control that ride-hailing services exercise over their drivers defines them as employees; these drivers deserve to be treated fairly.”

This is Pamela’s fourth installment in the campaign. She’s raised concerns here, here and here. Pamela also reinforced those points at a conference in Vegas. The new PSA is slated to air on major networks starting this week.

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